Products of Acetaia of Bago

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO “Aged”
Traditional Balsamic Vinegar […]

Balsamico 25 winters

The Balsamic of Bago 25 winters
Our brand new creation, […]

Balsamico 12 winters

Balsamic of Bago 12 winters
The version in white packaging […]

Stravecchio 30 winters

Stravecchio 30 winters
This elegant packaging contains an excellent aged […]

“For you” Elite

for you Elite
A special gift for a special person […]

“For You” bomboniera (party favours)

For you bomboniera (party favours)
A special gift for a […]

“For You” Elisir 7 winters

For You 7 winters
A special gift for a special […]

Elisir 7 winters

Elisir 7 winters
This product aged in batteries for seven […]

Audace 3 winters

Audace 3 winters
This cooked must naturally acetified is ideal […]

Cherry preserve

Cherry preserve
Preserve made with 100% Vignola cherries of our […]

mixed fruit compotes

mixed fruit compotes
Perfect to be spread on fresh bread […]

Cherries in syrup

cherries in syrup
Only our best cherries in a sugar […]

Frog’s blood

Frog’s blood
… Natural and dense, syrupy juice tasting […]

Mieleaceto “honey-vinegar”

Mieleaceto (honey-vinegar)
this is a delicious and well-balanced union between […]

Mosto cotto acetificato-en

Vendita di Mosto cotto acetificato DOP-en
Produzione e vendita di […]